About Us

TITAN (FAR EAST) PTE LTD is part of TITAN group of companies. TITAN group is amongst the leading consumer electronics / IT distributors in Asia / Africa with an established distribution network in almost 28 countries worldwide.

TITAN has operations in Singapore, USA, Hong Kong ,Kenya, Mozambique, Maldives, Nepal, India and UAE managed by industry professionals providing solutions to customers for increasing their profitability and increased efficiencies.

Since its inception TITAN provides to independent consumer electronics retailers with factory direct wholesale pricing, quick deliveries and financing. This has been the mantra for Titan's success and its huge customer base in 28 countries and their loyalty

We at TITAN understand the dynamics of Consumer Electronics / IT industry and believe that customers need information instantaneously and we  have those resources available to us. With our wide ranging Data-Bases ,we are always up to date on  all the products we carry and any accessories that you might need. We at TITAN believe that these  little things make the difference between a distributor who cares and one  that does not, but that's not all!

We also recognize that PRICE is the most important factor in making the sale that is why we are very  competitive in all the products we sell. So whether you're a local shop or a chain store we can help you grow even more.

TITAN has an enormous access to more than 15,000 skus from 13 blue chip brand that it distributes. TITAN allows the electronics retailer to effectively compete with the larger chains by buying at cheaper prices, with faster deliveries and thus not needing to stock huge inventory.

Our Just-in-Time delivery with a 24 hour turnaround and a one-stop source with over 15,000 skus of vast product line can suffice most consumer's needs.

We have established ourselves as a true regional and international distributor in record time. With an active customer base already surpassing 3,000 independent consumer electronics retailers, wholesalers, importers, distributors.

TITAN is the distributor for blue chip brands like Apple, Casio, Creative, Daewoo, Fuji, Hitachi LG, Microsoft , Olympus  Palm, Samsung, Sennheiser and Sony.

TITAN is truly a Great Company managed by Great People and servicing Great Customers.