The Titan Story

TITAN had a humble beginning but today we are amongst the leading consumer electronics distribution companies in Asia. We operate in 28 countries through offices in Singapore , Hong Kong , USA , Kenya , Mozambique , India , Dubai , Maldives and Nepal.

Our core competency has been on the following segments which we believe are here to stay and will continue to evolve with great products that will continue to change our lives for the better.

1. Digital Cameras and Photographic products
2. Mobile storage devices like memory cards.
3. Video Gaming
4. MP3 / MP4 players.
5. PDA
6. Personal Computers
We understand the culturally sensitivities for each of the markets we operate in and thus bring in the personal touch when dealing with our customers in respective regions. This has been the hallmark of our ability to retain customers and thus show exponential growth year after year.
TITAN believes that it is well positioned to meet the requirements of independent consumer electronics stores as follows:
The ability to offer wide variety of products that will be suffice to most of the electronics stores and thus be a one stop distributor.
Very fast turnaround on deliveries and financial support.
Big volume purchases gives leverage to TITAN to get competitive prices which are then passed to its customer leading to increased competitiveness and profitability.
The respect it commands with many industry-leading principals.
Staying closer to end markets.
Being proactive and adapting swiftly to the market changes.
Market and Customer driven.
Customer Retention.
People Driven and retaining the talent in TITAN. We appreciate the efforts of the TITAN team and believe in their personal growth.
An experienced management team, most of whom have an average of more than 15 years of experience in the consumer electronics industry with transnational experience.